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Bike Link Fitting Details and Rates

What is Bicycle Fitting and why is it important?

First thing's first.  We bleed bike fit!  Bike Link offers Body Geometry fitting services to perfectly match the bike to the rider.  Our reputation is built every day on listening to our athletes, knowledge of anatomy, and matching the rider's fit to his/her goals. We have had the pleasure to assist riders both competitive and casual get "dialed in" and ride with more power, comfort, and speed. Fit applies to everyone the minute you sling a leg over the bar.   In addition to many sources in the ever-evolving topic of fit, Bike Link continues to receive the latest in fitting education at Specialized's Body Geometry fit school in concert with Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  Call for your appointment today.

Joe Wenning, the General Manager of Bike Link, is a Master Body Geometry Fitter with over 17 years of service to our athletes.  He specializes in corrections inside the shoe, segmental alignment, and neutral positioning.  Joe adds, " No two athletes are the same, my goal is to gather information through the interview process, flexibility assessment, and measurements to achieve a position that matches my rider's goals and needs.  One rider may want to maximize power while another rider is interested in more comfort.  My knowledge and experience allows me the confidence to deliver results for my athletes."

From the comments we receive daily during our bike fit sessions, an appointment for a custom fit session at Bike Link is one of the smartest cycling investments you can make.

Please allow 2-3 hours for your Body Geometry Fit session.

Body Geometry Fit Pricing:

  • Triathlon Fit  $200
  • Road/Mtn Fit $175
  • Cleat placement/pedal install  $45

Call 985-0001 for your fitting appointment.