Ride Waiver


Waiver and Release

The GROUP RIDE Participant for himself/herself, and for his/her heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors, and assigns, does hereby forever RELEASE, WAIVE, and DISCHARGE BAW Sports, Inc., Bike Link, and any and all agents, attorneys, assigns, stockholders, directors, officers, insurers, employees, and volunteers thereof (hereinabove and hereinbelow, the “Releasees”), of and from any and every claim, demand, and cause of action whatsoever, including any claim for personal or bodily injury or Wrongful Death, whether present or future, whether the same be known, anticipated or unanticipated, which may accrue to the PARTICIPANT or his Estate as a result of personal injury or death or other damages which arise out of, or relate to, his participation in the GROUP RIDE, including any claims caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Releasees.