Globe Bicycles In Stock!

On a Globe bicycle the world is yours!

Do you dream of a world where bikes are the majority—where cars come with labels that say Use Sparingly? Have you been thinking about going car-less, or car minimalist lately, but need a good bike to get started?

Globe bicycles are utilitarian, versatile and fun!Globe is a group of bicycles that have the unique ability to become an extension of your lifestyle thanks to their efficient, comfortable and forward-thinking design. Globes are inspired by and designed for urban cyclists, commuters, city dwellers, the progressively minded and the eco-conscious.

This ingenious new brand comes from Specialized Bicycle Components, which has a long history of inventing great new bicycles. These beautifully designed, impressively versatile and totally fun two-wheelers perfectly fit your dynamic lifestyle. Stop by and check out our Globes!