Specialized Tarmac SL2!

We proudly carry Specialized bicycles!
The goal of the Tarmac SL2 was simple. Make the best complete race bike in the world. Specialized knew they had to satisfy Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini and Davide Rebellin. To do this, they set aggressive performance targets. Then they conducted extensive tests throughout the development process to ensure that they hit the mark. Their riders demanded that they develop the highest torsional, lateral and rear-end stiffness to ensure the most precise handling, ultimate pedaling efficiency and the fastest acceleration. When it came to weight, Specialized knew that it had to beSpecialized put all they had into the Tarmac SL2 road bike! lighter than anything that was as stiff.

Once the goals were established, all preconceived notions and standards were eliminated. The design, material choices, manufacturing methods and systems integration were applied without constraint. From the asymmetrical seat tube, to chainstays that feature a 30% larger cross section, to size-specific seatstays, down tubes and top tubes, to pioneering the radical new FACT IS manufacturing method, the Specialized team of engineers, designers and material experts pursued every conceivable method to enhance the performance of the Tarmac SL2. The result is the best complete road bike in the world: Nothing is lighter and stiffer.

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